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Event Management

Event Management



To leverage the most from this opportunity, the professional image of your company should be reflected at all stages of your corporate golf day.

From the initial invitation to staging the event and the post event follow up, we recognise that you may have been tasked with organising your company golf day, but may not have any prior knowledge of golf.

We can lead you through the minefield of golf terminology and the etiquette required on the golf course.

"The Devil's in the Detail"

Guest Registraion

Registration Portals



Our bespoke event administration system allows us to handle all aspects of your event admin in one, easy place.

Once you have given us a list of invitees, we can create a customised email invite out to all participants. From here they can register using the online portal which creates the database for your event.

Invitees can access this portal at anytime through a website created specifically for your event, which contains the itinerary of the day through to leaderboards and images that can be shown after the day has finished.

"Fully Bespoke online platform for your event"

Event Scoring

Event Scoring


Event Scoring is a fundamental part of any well run golf day and is vitally important that it is done both efficiently and correctly. 

Using the latest technology available, we can provide a variety of solutions for your golf day ensuring scoring is made easy for all of your guests.

We can also offer live on course scoring, clubhouse leaderboards and branded scorecards that can really enhance your clients golf experience.

All aspects of scoring that we provide can be fully customised to your specifications ensuring as much or as little exposure as you would like.

"Stress free scoring, we've got you covered"

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